Mission Statement

The mission of Family Support Hawai’i is to support families and communities in providing love and care for our children.

Vision Statement

The Board and Staff of Family Support Hawai’i envision a future where all families will provide a safe and nurturing home for their children and where all families, children, and youth will feel connected to and supported by our community.

Area of Focus

During the strategic planning, the Board and Staff affirmed that Family Support Hawai’i is a community-based organization that offers a continuum of care for families on Hawai’i island — targeting services to those with the greatest need while striving to serve all who seek help.

Core Values

As part of the strategic planning, the Board and staff held to the following core values:

  1. FSH will partner and collaborate with staff, families, financial supporters, and community partners.
  2. FSH will be masterful and innovative in the services that it provides.
  3. FSH will hold a loving and committed belief in families.
  4. FSH will be ethical and worthy of the trust of our staff, families served, donors, and the community at large.
  5. FSH believes that all families want to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.
  6. FSH believes that from time to time, all families need information, support, guidance, and assistance.
  7. FSH believes that requesting help is a sign of strength.
  8. FSH believes that the needs of families are best addressed within the full context of their family, culture, and community, as well as the economic and social world in which they live.

Strategic Goals

Family Support Hawai‘i will foster a culture of accountable, decisive, and generative governance.

Strategies to meet this goal include:

  • Ongoing shared governance meetings that include the Board, the Management Team, and the Early Head Start Policy Council;
  • The Board and Staff will develop clearly-defined outcomes using realistic benchmarks to mark progress; and
  • The Board and Staff will pursue accreditation from COA (Council on Accreditation).

Family Support Hawai‘i will be economically stable, developing the ability to weather the economic and political changes in our local and national communities.

Strategies to meet this goal include:

  • Identifying ways to broaden the income portfolio, through an increase in major gifts and researching the development of “fee for service” programs, such as a childcare program.
  • The Board will create a reserve fund.
  • The Board and Staff will work towards achieving a balanced budget.
  • Family Support Hawai’i will form a separate entity to create a plan and timeline for developing its own facility.

Family Support Hawai‘i will provide programs that are beneficial to those served and enhance the community.

Strategies to meet this goal include:

  • In selecting and developing programs, Family Support Hawai’i will use the following criteria:
    • The program fits within the mission and values of FSH.
    • The program meets the needs of the community.
    • The program is financially viable and sustainable.
    • The program builds the capacity of our community.
  • Programs will be evaluated using COA standards.
  • Strategically recruit perspective employees who share the vision and values of our organization and have the skills necessary to effectively deliver the programs for which they were hired to provide.

Family Support Hawai‘i will ensure that the public has a clear understanding of its mission and its programs.

Strategies to meet this goal include:

  • The Board and Staff will develop and implement a marketing plan to include consistent use of the FSH logo across its programs‟ promotional pieces such as brochures, signage, and t-shirts.
  • The Board and Staff will develop and implement a community engagement plan that will broaden and strengthen the presence of FSH on our island.
  • Explore hiring a Development Director.