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We are asking you to donate so that we can pass a plate of food to homeless and hungry youth in Kona.  Please help us provide one weekly meal to young people.  100% of your donation will be spent on purchasing food.

A Facts About Homeless Youth


Homelessness, the lack of a permanent address, makes it virtually impossible to attend school, obtain employment, and difficult to secure food and shelter, and survive. Studies report that as many as three quarters of homeless youth have or will drop out of school.  Homeless youth typically lack many skills that are crucial to life in the adult world. Most lack the education and job skills needed to secure more than a low-wage, short-term jobs. Because of their age, many have few legal means by which they can earn enough money to meet basic needs.

Physical Health/ Mental Health

Due to poor diet, malnutrition and exposure, homeless youth are at greater risk of suffering from chronic health disorders like asthma and diabetes. Homeless youth are at greater risk of contracting AIDS, HIV-related illnesses, and other STDs.  Homeless youth are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and suicide due to the increased exposure to violence while living on their own.   Youth are at increased risk of being physically and sexually abused while on the streets.

Substance Abuse

Homeless youth are more likely to use and abuse drugs, and to engage in other dangerous and illegal behaviors. According to national surveys, three quarters of street youths were using marijuana, a third were using hallucinogens and stimulants, and a quarter were using crack, other forms of cocaine, inhalants, and sedatives. Homeless youth are more likely to be involved with the juvenile justice system. They are frequently arrested for crimes such as loitering, trespassing and consumption of alcohol.